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The home inspection is an objective, visual analysis of the structure and systems of a home. An inspection will determine the areas of a home that are not performing correctly and the items that are beyond their useful life or are unsafe. The inspection includes all areas of the home's interior and exterior from the roof to the foundation, and exterior drainage and retaining walls.

With our attention to detail and very thorough inspection reports, be assured that you will be provided with the knowledge needed prior to making one of the most important investments you may ever make.
An average home inspection will take between 2 and 3 hours, depending on the size of the home. Larger and more complex homes will take longer for the inspector to completely and accurately evaluate.

We like for our clients to be present at the time of inspection so that we may go over the report in person, but it's never mandatory. With the inclusion of detailed photos and comments from the report, it will seem as though you were walking right along side us during the entire inspection.

Continued support is available to all clients of Integrity Real Estate Inspection. You will always have the comfort of knowing that you are a client for life.
Avoid Hidden Defects with
an Integrity Home Inspection
Below are photos from past inspections. If the buyers had decided to purchase their homes without having a professional home inspection, they would have been financially responsible for correcting these issues. After time, small problems can turn into big disasters.
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Pre-Sale Home Inspection

A Pre-Sale Inspection is typically conducted prior to putting your home on the market. This inspection provides you with a better understanding of the conditions which will likely be discovered by a prospective buyer's inspector. Why take the risk of opening a can of worms? It gives you enough time to find adequate, affordable remedies to correct any problems in advance and avoid haggling with the buyer and possibly losing the sale.
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Periodic Home Inspection

A Periodic Inspection is designed for the homeowner that wants a home check-up and is performed every 3 -5 years. We conduct the inspection in the same manner as a Pre-Purchase Inspection. The Periodic Home Inspection will detect any small problems before they become major expenses, which more than covers the cost of the inspection.
New Construction Inspection

The detection and remediation of any problems before “signing off” on a newly constructed home makes the question of homeowner recourse much less of an issue.

Once your custom home is "finished", the paperwork is signed and final payment is made to the builder, a homeowner's recourse is limited. The builder may be reluctant or slow to come back and correct any problems. In cases where there is an arbitration clause in the contract and this situation occurs, the cost in time, money, and stress causes many people to abandon efforts to have the builder remediate construction defects.
One-Year Builder's Warranty Inspection

The sale of a newly constructed home typically includes a one-year warranty in which the builder is obligated to correct any problems encountered within the first year of ownership. It is wise to have a professional home inspection performed before the one-year warranty expires, one or two months before the expiration date, so you know exactly what needs to be corrected.
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home inspection photo
home inspection photo
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