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We thank you all for your trust and confidence. Please keep us in mind whenever you hear of a family member, friend or co-worker who is buying or selling a home.
Good Morning,

We were very pleased with your work!! You've made this process a lot easier. THANKS for the home inspection.

John & Stephanie

Thanks Russ & Harold,

I enjoyed learning about the home inspection process from you. I hope we will get many opportunities to work together again.

Talk to you soon.


Hello Russ,

I was pleased with your service! I think I am more pleased because it is done by a Father and a Son and it is an Honest Home Inspection Business!

I think it is great what you guys are doing for our military, being that they and their families have enough to worry about. Also I give you great thanks for all you have done for Our Country and the tours that you made, Thank You for the Sacrifice you made for our Country!!

I believe in your company and I will continue recommending you.


Dear Harold and Russ,

Thanks so much for the completed inspection, pictures turned out great (I need to take lessons from you guys).


Harold and Russ,

Life is great in New Braunfels! Thank you very much for the home inspection, I will recommend you to all of my co-workers!


Harold and Russ,

Just wanted to wish you both and your families a very Happy Thanksgiving. Thanks for all that you have done for me and I look forward to many more inspections from you guys.


Hi Russ,

Thank you for all your help and taking the time to explain the report. Have a great weekend.


Russ and Harold,

Thanks for taking care of Kevin & Katherine.



Russ and Harold,

Thank you. Great job! I appreciate your quick response and nicely compiled report. It was very nice meeting you and I hope to work with you again soon. I was very pleased with your service and I liked the Father, Son Team it is a Warm Feeling!!! I will recommend your company!

Thanks again,

Hi Harold & Russ,

We met when you were in my office a while back. I have a client that will be needing your services in the near future. We currently have an offer on a property and as soon as it's accepted, he will need a home inspection. His name is Gary Rogers. He is a retired USAF. I gave him one of your flyers. You should be hearing from him in the very near future.

From one Vet to both of you, I appreciate your service and your sacrifices. Please keep in touch.


Dear Mr. Ratliff,

I received the inspection report and will review with Mr. McLaurin.  Thank you again for all of your great work. I look forward to future jobs together.


Harold and Russ,

Wow! Thanks! You guys are the best! Thank you for the quick return. The pictures are of outstanding quality.


Harold and Russ,

Thank you so much for taking good care of my best client, Isabel. Normally, I would not schedule an inspection if I can’t attend with my client, however, with your company I feel very confident having my client attend on their own and know you will take as good of care as if I were present. Thank you very much.


My client was very pleased with your service and your willingness to explain things to him. Thanks for all the hard work and I look forward to working with you again!!

Hi Russ and Harold,

Very happy with the home inspection. Both of you did a great job.

Thanks again, Lisa

Thank you for the home inspection and your quick response!!

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